The Chips are down. Save Our Casinos. Save Our Jobs.

The Chips are down. Save Our Casinos. Save Our Jobs.
The Scottish casinos that we know and love are under threat, with hundreds of jobs and livelihoods now at serious risk.

Despite casinos working hard to ensure all venues are covid-19 secure, and that customers and team members will be safe through scrupulous hygiene measures, PPE and social distancing, current Scottish Government restrictions means casinos must close their doors in Level 2. This makes no sense. Casinos are being singled out unfairly.
Out of 30,000 admissions through the doors, there has been [one] recorded case of coronavirus transmission within any casino in Scotland that we are aware of and we believe the decision to impose these restrictions is arbitrary. 87% of casino customers have told us that they feel safer in our casinos than in any other entertainment venues.

We Need You!

We now need your support to help your local casino remain open and we are urging the Scottish Government not to impose restrictions on casinos in Level 2. We are asking to be treated fairly alongside other hospitality venues such as cinemas and Adult Gaming Centres which are allowed to open under Level 2 restrictions.
If Scottish casinos are forced to remain closed, it will have a devastating impact on those customers who enjoy their local venues as a community hub, on team members who will lose their jobs, on the local suppliers it serves, on the charities that they greatly support including raising
over £81,266, as well as on the wider economy which will lose millions of pounds in tax receipts.

The Chips Are Down. Save Our Casinos. Save Our Jobs.

If you don’t want your local casino to remain closed under Level 2 restrictions, please help us by making the case to the Scottish Government that casinos are safe to open under Level 2 restrictions and are crucial part of the wider community.

To help, you can:

Write to the Scottish Government. Simply fill out the short form which will be sent directly to Nicola Sturgeon asking her to allow casinos to open under Level 2 restrictions.

The more people we have making the case for casinos, the more likely we are to see Covid-safe casinos allowed to open. Casinos will be saved and jobs will be saved. It’s got to be worth fighting for.

Send an email to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Your email will look like this

Dear First Minister,

Following the Scottish Government’s announcement of restrictions, I urge you to urgently review the decision which forces my local Casino, XXXX, to close under level 2 measures.

The restrictions make no sense. Casinos are far safer than other venues permitted to reopen. There is a great deal of confusion for casino customers about the new restrictions. Hospitality venues such as pubs are allowed to open in Level 2 areas, but casinos, which have offered to stop serving alcohol in order to be allowed to trade, are ordered to close.

Since reopening, our local casino has gone out of its way to ensure that we can continue to visit it in the safest way possible. Along with scrupulous hygiene measures, PPE equipment and social distancing mitigations, Scottish casinos have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds to ensure that venues are Covid-19 secure. A huge 87% of casino customers have said that they feel safer in a casino than in any other venue.  

Therefore, I ask that the Scottish Government allows casinos to open under Level 2 restrictions for the benefit of their customers and for the communities that they serve.

Casinos are important to me because … (your message here)

I hope you will take on board the wishes of the casino community and allow our casinos to stay open if and when our area enters Level 2 restrictions.

Many thanks,

(Customer name and email address)

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